Today’s Digital Marketer

Launch your digital startup with a powerful communication platform that includes mobile, text marketing and video technology.

24/7 Communication

Provide services that resonate with consumers wherever they are and generate measurable ROI for business customers of all sizes.

Screen Agnostic

Desktop, tablet, mobile – you name it. Provide digital products that come in all shapes and sizes, which expands your overall market.

Businesses Will Love You

Traditional forms of media are less effective and demand for social media has driven costs increasingly higher. You now offer businesses a 360-degree solution, one that combines mobile with social with video with text marketing. And if there’s a solution that doesn’t exist but the market demands it, we’ll build it together.



Invest in yourself and your community

There are entrepreneurial-minded people who have sought the opportunity to start their own business. These are folks who may be interested in leaving the corporate world and the many challenges that come with it. Maybe they’re just starting out and want to jumpstart their careers, or they’re at a transition point in their careers and are looking for something they can be passionate about.

Lower your risk
The opportunity to launch a technology business isn’t reserved exclusively for tech-savvy entrepreneurs who have access to startup capital.

Get out what you put in
Village Vesl provides this opportunity to select individuals who appreciate hard work Most successful entrepreneurs prefer it that way. Their success is ultimately up to them.


Six easy steps to launch


Entrepreneurs get started by licensing their own digital media service, choosing from any one or more of the following three products. You can sell separately or as a bundle.

Branded mobile application in a name and territory of your choosing.
Automated video creation using artificial intelligence, for content, advertisements and more.
Text marketing for direct-to-consumer communication.


You select your territory of interest. This is where you’ll launch and operate the services you choose to take to your local market – usually the city or town in which you live.

Territory size is determined by the population of your preferred area.
You can expand your territory once you’ve achieved success in your initial area.
Your revenue potential isn’t geographically limited.

Give your service a name.

Make it memorable
This is entirely up to you, but typically a licensee will name his/her service in some way that connects to the licensee’s territory.

Looks Perfect
Need a logo and website that reflect your new name and brand? We can do that too.

Now it’s time for us to get busy.

Give us 30 days
We build and launch your service, which may include any one or more of the services we offer.

We handle everything
You don’t have to worry about Apple (iPhone) or Google (Android), or marketing collateral, etc. We have you covered.

Now it’s time for us to get busy.

Time to get trained up, comfortable and begin marketing your service.

Depending on the service(s) you launch, you may be marketing to residents, small businesses and all other entities within your territory.
We provide the training program, support and marketing collateral you’ll need to be successful.

Now it’s time for us to get busy.

The most important part ….. start generating revenue.

Businesses large and small that subscribe to your service – for access to all of the tools you provide – pay you a monthly subscription fee.

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Anywhere, Anytime Messaging
Allow your business customers to deliver real-time relevance and bring context to the consumer journey.
Affinity-Based Groups
Users can create public or private groups, with each containing its own bulletin board, flag capability and much more.
Private & Public Chat
Users can chat privately with fellow users, group members, of directly with individual businesses.
Events Calendar
Help users stay informed on what’s happening, when and where.

See what’s happening inside Village Vesl

While it provides features for residents, small businesses and everyone else in the community, Village Vesl creates particular value for small businesses and merchants, who can engage with individual members of the community who live within three to five miles of the storefront.

Location Messaging

Virtual messages (we call them flags) can be left anywhere in the physical world. As an intended recipient approaches one of these invisible flags, his or her device wakes up and reveals the message that was left. You can enable your small business customers to reach consumers near the storefront, on the highway, or even at or near a competitor’s location. Allow them to deliver real-time relevance and bring context to the consumer journey.

Bringing value to your customers

Allow small businesses to extend their brand and reach consumers anywhere.

Watch the quality of their customer service improve.

Near the storefront, on the highway, or near a competitor’s location.

The small business can now remain top-of-mind when the consumer isn’t on site.

Help them deliver real-time relevance that brings context to the consumer journey.

And help them surprise and reward nearby shoppers with deals and special offers.

Community Loyalty

Allow your small business customers to engage and reward repeat visitors with the most consumer-friendly program – ever. Community Loyalty enables participating businesses to launch and maintain ongoing loyalty programs. No more printing of punch cards, worrying about program expirations, asking customers to present those punch cards while on the checkout aisle, or integrating any hardware or software. It’s resource-free. Businesses can establish redemption point totals and program rewards with ease, validate redemption from within the app, and provide the consumer with the convenience of earning points across the community without ever removing the phone from her pocket.


In addition to reaching the community as a whole using the flags, SML and Bulletin Board features (below), small businesses can do great things here by creating groups of loyal customers. As an alternative to traditional email newsletters, businesses can invite customers to their group(s) and utilize the feature to reach residents on a 24/7 basis, without bombarding consumers who may otherwise not be interested. Groups are also available for use by residents, who can create public or private groups for clubs, organizations, meet-ups, schools, churches, youth and recreational sports teams, and any other association or affinity-based group. Every group has separate chat, bulletin board and flag capability, as well as administrative control for private group owners.

Bulletin Board

This is the hub of the service, providing a 24/7 real-time overview of whatever is happening in the community. The Bulletin Board is accessible by the public and encourages all users to get involved. Participating businesses are presented on the Bulletin Board with a Featured Sponsor placement, which appears among the routine conversations that take place as part of the feature’s posts.


There are a variety of ways within the Village Vesl service that a consumer can reach out and chat directly with individual businesses via text message. The Chat feature allows consumers the convenience of communicating in ways they’re most comfortable today. The immediacy and convenience of the feature also enables businesses to improve the quality of their customer service. Consumers have the option to chat with a business (1) anytime they trip a business flag, (2) by accessing the feature from a business’s Featured Sponsor placement on the Bulletin Board, and (3) from the business’s dedicated partner screen. The Chat feature is also available within the individual public and private groups that make up the service, which enables any group member to take the conversation out of the larger group and chat directly on a one-to-one basis with any other member, including a business owner.

Community First-Responder

The alert feature significantly raises incident awareness by putting first-responder activity in the hands of all community members. It gives everyone peace of mind, whether it’s the schools, churches, HOAs, real estate owners, and even the city governments. Because of their contributions, participating businesses are helping keep our communities safer. Really. Without subscription revenue being generated from local small businesses, the Village Vesl service in your community likely wouldn’t exist. So a special thanks should go out to partner businesses whenever possible. In fact, displayed across the bottom of each Featured Sponsor placement on the Bulletin Boards is a tagline that recognizes each business’s support.

Community Aid

Village Vesl was established to provide value to residents and small businesses in our communities. But our primary goal is to give back. The Community Aid program allows licensees to accomplish this goal by creating a network of helping hands from among all members of the community, including residents and small businesses. On a recurring basis, a percentage of all proceeds collected by each licensee are distributed to a non-profit or volunteer organization, as determined by participating residents. Campaigns run between one to three months, with each featuring a unique group of beneficiaries. Example groups include schools, churches, youth sports organizations, animal shelters and more. Participating businesses build invaluable equity within the community.

Web Design

6 websites with awesome features For designers and design people

Gridzzly Best for: People who are lazy to draw lines on their own. End of the era of drawing lines, graph paper itself, because Gridzzly will handle everything as we want. Dedicated graph paper website Now there are 7 patterns to choose from: dots, squares, Point, triangle, line, double, square Triangle channel Hexagonal hole And the ladder We can also choose the distance, frequency and the intensity of the lines. There is a ruler to measure for people who want precise. Set up as you like and print it out. Logo Rank (by Brandmark) Suitable for: Designers who want to develop their own logo design. Logo Rank is a feature of Brandmark.io that is both very useful. And frightening at the same time Because its function is to comment logos (logo) that we design very hotly. Let me tell you that the system does not give a sneaky comment because it compares the logos we upload with the 1,000,000 logos on the database. Logo Rank will evaluate all 4 topics: Uniqueness, Uniqueness, Legibility, Clarity for all platforms, e.g. when size is smaller in phone screen and work? Color / Contrast. Eye catching color and overall score of whether this logo passed or not. But if not ready, you can press the menu Random to study other logos as well. Gifprint Suitable for: People who want to play .gif files in real life. Believe that many people have watched Disney movies And probably through the eyes of Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Stop Motion Flipbook come some (click to watch the video) Let’s say that we can make you a Flipbook like this from. That allows us to upload .gif files up and the system will separate layers into .pdf format, then just print. Cut all the papers and put them together. Flipbook is ready to play. HTML Arrows (by Toptal) Suitable for: web designers Or people who have to mess with the code Really hurt that I didn’t know this site when I learned to code because the HTML Arrows feature from Toptal.com contains the code of characters, symbols or weird characters, including Unicode, Hex Code, HTML Code and HTML Entity to be used in full. The weirdness that is, for example, ☺ (Smiling Face) that requires code to write HTML, if ever encountered a problem, press save and the web page is broken due to emoji symbols. Now I know how to fix it. WhatTheFont! (By MyFonts) Suitable for: People who like typography work. WhatTheFont! An example of a clever feature from MyFont.com, the world’s foremost font site. Is very suitable For people who like to design letters Especially when meeting beautiful fonts That you want to use But don’t know what font it is Just take a picture or take a screenshot and upload WhatTheFont! Will find an answer immediately Bonus! Another toy related to fonts is WhatFont, a Google Chrome plugins that can mouse over names and fonts on different web sites. The limit is that they must be pure fonts. Can’t point the font in the picture Lorem Suitable for: Mockup workers who need to lay out the layout first.
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Web Design

5 Inspiration Websites That Great Web Designers Visit Every Day !!

5 cool websites for inspiration, beautiful designs, bookmark it and go and look a little bit each day. Ensure that your design thinking will definitely improve. Anyone who works in design Whether it is a web designer, UX / UI Designer, or any other design, you must encounter problems. “Can’t think of work” at all The good designers have different techniques to come up with ideas. One technique that all designers use in finding Inspiration to do design work is “looking at other people’s work”, which, in my experience, has moved from programmer to semi-designer. Learning from other jobs is really the fastest way to learn. Lately, when there are programmers asking how they want to design. I would advise him to go see some beautiful events every day first. Because from the experience of working with designers, both Print Design and Web Design that are good, they will find inspiration like this a lot. 1. Dribbble: Best Website for UI Design In the international designer industry Few people don’t know the Dribbble website. This website allows designers from all over the world to create their own designs. Each work is beautiful because not one can post the work on this website, but only have Invite from the designers in Dribbble. Jobs posted to this website Most of the work is WIP (Work in Progress) is still in the process, but put it into Dribbble to show off to the world first. But there are some work that have been done Take the design and post it with the website link to have a look. What I like most about Dribbble is that there are great designers to give away beautiful graphics for free, sometimes it’s a free icon set, free UI, free website PSD, free font, etc. If you want to see only free stuff from Dribbble. There is a collection of websites that are Freebbble and Psddd (each site name is hard to remember = =). If anyone has a chance to Invite, this website will show you the best results If our work is good, there will definitely be foreigners to hire I read the blog of a designer at Google who said that at first he was a designer who was not popular. But when the design work in Dribbble, someone came to hire him to design and Offer to work at the major Google branch in the end. 2. Behance: an online portfolio for designers Behance website is also a famous website in international designers. There are quite a few Thai people. This website has all kinds of design works, including Print Design, Web Design, Package Design, Branding, Typography and many more. On Behance.net, anyone can apply for a membership and post their work. The concept of Behance website is to want it to be a free Online Portfolio for designers. If the event is beautiful, there are many people who like to like it, it will be displayed on the homepage. There will be a lot of great designers, if you like the work, anyone can follow it. When they update a new job, there will be an email to tell us. If any work is very cool, Behance will use our work to help promote on the specific design website (which is Behance itself) such as WebDesignServed. Will include beautiful web design work from Behance or Dribbble will combine beautiful mobile app design work from Behance, you can see all this kind of website at Behance. 3.Pinterest: The Best of Inspiration for Designer When Pinterest came out, I didn’t quite understand why it was so popular. Until I came to work with many designers, I saw the benefits that it was a very good Inspiration website. Plus, the Pinterest-style Grid display allows you to view multiple designs in bulk when using the designer iMac screens. Good to know: Pinterest uses a Card Design display. Read more at Card Design – User Interface, a new trend that you must know! In addition, Pinterest allows users to create their own board, there will be a board maker that collects various types of design, we can follow the favorite board. (I would like the forums, Web Design, UI Design, Branding, anything like this) When each forum updates something, it will come up on the first page immediately, very convenient. 4.Awwwards: the best of the best web design around the world Awwwards website will include great sites from all over the world. Which each day there are many websites sending in Any website that gets the most votes will be selected as Site of the day and get a beautiful ribbon graphics to be displayed on the website. Websites that don’t win will be deleted over time. It is like a competition for websites from all over the world. Sending a website into Awwwards’ system is not free, it has to be paid as well. But you will get a lot of people watching the web if you get a Site of the day because designers around the world keep an eye on Awwwards (or maybe get more jobs). At one point, I go to this website every day, so I look at foreign websites and get a lot Both in terms of ideas / designs / codes, anyone who wants to submit their own website can go to see the price on the Awwwards / Submit page. The price is about 30 Euro (1300 baht) per delivery. 5. Pttrns: Including Mobile User Interface from many beautiful apps. The Pttrns website has a lot of app designs to look at. And there are already categorized by various functions, for example, if we want to see only the design of the Login page, you can click the menu on the left. I like the Pttrns website, where they divide it into an iPhone and an iPad as well.When you want to see only the design of the screen, you can press the filter.This website will have a slide design for you to see only, which is actually in app design. Effect, Transition, things are things that should be given priority. I recommend another website, Capptivate, which will put together an animated app design. When we take the mouse to point any work, the work will Animate for us to see.
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Web Design

Modern blog design guidelines

In blog design It can be noted that the design of different components will be different. In this article, I’m going to break down these components into 9 parts if you pay much attention to each one. The overall blog that comes out will only look great. Header Content Area Primary Navigation Secondary Navigation Headlines Comments section (Comments) Footer of the article (Post? S Footer) Footer Advertisements 1. Header The header is what most visitors will see first. When entering your blog And it’s the most important part It’s the only thing to separate. Differentiate your blog from the millions of other blogs. It represents the identity of your blog for recognition. As mentioned, it shows why the header is the most important. Among the blog design processes Even people who don’t pay much attention to blog design. But he pays great attention to the header. 2. Content Area The content is the part that readers or visitors. Will take the longest time to concentrate It is important to ensure that The content is easy to read and There should not be too much of a thing that distracts the reader’s attention. Another important thing is What needs to be structured well Most important to the least important How to make the content design look good Design the content structure that matters the most. To the least important, such as the title should be more prominent than links and text in bold. The content design style must share the same function. There must be something similar, for example a link must have the same format, that is, it must be viewed and known that it is the same, not that one link is underlined. The other one made bold. Defining a format or style for links Should make it stand out from the plain content It’s enough to grab the reader’s attention, but it shouldn’t be too prominent. 3. Primary Navigation The main menu is a set of links that lead to a distinct area in a blog, typically located near the header. (In fact, you don’t have to put it here), but placing it close to the header is useful where Most visitors will expect the main menu to be around here. How to make the main menu design look good The number of links in the main menu section should not be too large. However, there is no fixed rule on how many links must be. But in general, it should not exceed 6-7 links. Portions of the main menu should be reserved. Only links to the main page of other sections of the blog where the page can lead visitors to different subsections. Any (the secondary menu, sure enough) again. Examples of the main menu that are commonly seen are: Contact: About us (about) Main Menu Features / Features Depends on How do you design your blog structure and what do you want your blog visitors to be interested in? 4.Secondary navigation A secondary menu is a set of links that direct visitors to other subsections of the same scope of content (sections), typically in the form of a sidebar. Secondary menus are of no less importance. It provides readers with access to other blog subsections that the main menu doesn’t cover. A good secondary menu should be a link to the article. That visitors click on the most Article series link (Multi-part article) or something else of interest that you want readers to easily reach. How to make the secondary menu design look good The principle is the same as the main menu design. That is, put only the necessary links Separate the sub menu from the rest by using a different link format to help it look organized. (You know that this is a secondary menu. Not mixed with the content) easy to use Do not include decorations such as small programs, such as calendars, into the secondary menu. Because it will make an eye mess and it still won’t help the visitor. Find what you want 5. Headlines The title of each article is intended to grab the reader’s attention. And tantalizing it to read all the content in the end To do this Your title must be outstanding. Which can be done in a variety of ways How To Make Your Headline Design Look Good The easiest way is Color the title different from the body. Use different fonts from the content. Serif fonts are generally used for headings and non-serif fonts on the body. Title font size should not use similar font size. (Although slightly larger) because it makes it difficult for readers to distinguish which is the subject. How to make your subject stand out from afar Can do by taking the date that the article was posted, put it in the same area as the subject 6. Comments section Comment section It is an area where articles from readers / visitors are discussed. Designer duties Must be designed to make this area look like a conversation. By separating each opinion from each other Maybe by assigning a number to each comment. This also makes it easier to cite different opinions, that is, separate the owner’s opinion. Different from general opinion In order to separate where the readers’ comments have been answered or see if there are more comments or not How to make the comment design look good Separate each opinion from each other. The easiest way Achieved by using color And another way is Put them in different places, may use the frame to cover each part. Or use a separate line Use colors and designs to name, commentary of chapter owners. They are slightly more prominent than the opinions of other visitors, but they should not differ radically. Separate other information (name, date, order number of comments) from the comment section for easy identification. 7. Footer of article (Post? S Footer) The footer of the article is between the bottom of the article. The last line and the comment section Often we don’t pay much attention to this. And I think it’s not important But the end of the article is also very valuable. Because it is the part that influences the visitor / reader. Go to other related articles or articles that matter. How to make the footer design look good This makes the article footer different from the content section. To let the reader know that these two parts are not the same. And also help make the article footer more prominent This technique is performed using different background colors. First decide what to include in the bottom of this article. So you don’t have to do it and delete it and do it later, causing a waste of time. The content that should be included in this section should have related posts to help readers navigate interesting topics similar to this subject. 8. Footer The blog’s footer is where most people don’t take full advantage of it (just add copyright), but this section can include a secondary menu to reduce link congestion. In the secondary menu in the blog side. When the reader comes across the footer of the blog, it is the reader’s time. Have finished reading the content or have finished reading the comments section. It’s a good time to feature other blog posts by placing a secondary menu in the footer of this blog.   How To Make Your Blog Footer Design Look Good Designed so that the blog footer intersects with the blog content. To let the user know that as of now he is at the end of the blog. Include as many links as you think your visitors would like to use. It should not be put on and put on hell, making it impossible for users to find what they want Things that should not be added, such as Recent Comments Simple design doesn’t have to be too flashy. Focus on leveraging 9. Advertisements Nowadays, many blogs put advertisements on their blogs. Thus making this part more important. Needs a sophisticated design In order not to make the blog look too lazy or In order not to obstruct the importance of the content If visitors are exposed to lazy, improperly placed ads, they may tire your blog. Instead of getting paid for clicking on ads. He will never come back to block you again. So you should pay more attention to content than ads. If you design and place your ad properly
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