Today's Digital Marketer
Launch your digital startup with a powerful communication platform that includes mobile, text marketing and video technology.
24/7 Communication
Provide services that resonate with consumers wherever they are and generate measurable ROI for business customers of all sizes.
Screen Agnostic
Desktop, tablet, mobile - you name it. Provide digital products that come in all shapes and sizes, which expands your overall market.

White Label or Branded

You have some great options with Village Vesl. You can launch your own branded mobile app and provide local residents with compelling ways to stay connected, in the know about what to do, on the prowl for deals and special offers, and do so in the name of community. You might also want to be a builder of mobile applications. We're your technology and development partners, empowering you to market mobile technology to businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and any other groups and organizations in your territory.
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Artificial Intelligence

Our newest and most exciting product automates the creation of digital video. Our partners allow businesses and enterprise customers to 'video-enable' their marketing messaging using artificial intelligence and machine learning. We remove the time and cost typically required to create video by removing or greatly reducing the need for human assistance. Videos can also be highly personalized, enabling small business and enterprise customers to deliver video messaging to consumers on a one-to-one basis.
Real Estate Automotive Corporate
Text Marketing

Direct To Consumer

SMS has become so powerful a marketing and communication channel that today's media seller can't ignore the data: SMS achieves a significantly higher response rate compared with phone calls, email or Facebook. SMS can be integrated into marketing campaigns in countless ways. Consumers enjoy the immediacy of information that SMS enables. And SMS messages can contain links to content on a marketer's site, to social pages, and to other media, including images and video.

Businesses Will Love You

Traditional forms of media are less effective and demand for social media has driven costs increasingly higher. You now offer businesses a 360-degree solution, one that combines mobile with social with video with text marketing. And if there's a solution that doesn't exist but the market demands it, we'll build it together.

Invest in yourself and your community

There are entrepreneurial-minded people who have sought the opportunity to start their own business. These are folks who may be interested in leaving the corporate world and the many challenges that come with it. Maybe they’re just starting out and want to jumpstart their careers, or they’re at a transition point in their careers and are looking for something they can be passionate about.
  • Lower your risk
    The opportunity to launch a technology business isn’t reserved exclusively for tech-savvy entrepreneurs who have access to startup capital.
  • Get out what you put in
    Village Vesl provides this opportunity to select individuals who appreciate hard work Most successful entrepreneurs prefer it that way. Their success is ultimately up to them.
Getting started is easy

Six easy steps to launch

Anywhere, Anytime Messaging
Allow your business customers to deliver real-time relevance and bring context to the consumer journey.
Affinity-Based Groups
Users can create public or private groups, with each containing its own bulletin board, flag capability and much more.
Private & Public Chat
Users can chat privately with fellow users, group members, of directly with individual businesses.
Events Calendar
Help users stay informed on what's happening, when and where.
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