Training & Support

We provide ongoing training and support in a variety of forms.

You will have an initial training session shortly after your agreement is finalized. We’d prefer to schedule this session before your service is launched but will work around you to find a convenient time. The initial training session can take place (1) in person, or (2) via web conference and video demo (in-person sessions are not mandatory). Travel and other related expenses would be your responsibility.

Additionally, there’s also a period of on-demand training available to you at anytime while your product is being developed and launched – usually during the first 60 days after agreement.

The initial training session can take anywhere from three to six hours.

Additionally, we hold quarterly webinars to update licensees on product enhancements, marketing testimonials, success stories and other tactical insights.

You’ll also have regular access to a Village Vesl team member during normal business hours.