Start ‘Beaconing’ Today

One of the exciting features of Village Vesl is that businesses large and small have the opportunity to get into the beacon game. Beacons are seen as the gateway to the Internet of Things (IoT), one of those often-used, sometimes misunderstood techie terms.

‘Things’ in the Internet of Things refers to anything with an IP address. That address is used to receive information from the Internet, information that can – hopefully – provide relevance to the recipient user of the device itself. Thermostats, refrigerators, home lighting and security systems, and all other IP-enabled devices that make up the landscape of things in our emerging IoT world.

Many people are experiencing IoT in some way today, and it’s likely to become part of day-to-day life very soon. Beacons are an element in the fleet of IoT devices. They’re typically used outside the home by brick and mortar businesses that have the financial and people resources to deploy and manage them. Beacons are pocket-sized broadcast modules that transmit to receiver devices. Those devices today are typically mobile phones running corresponding apps that are programmatically connected to the beacon. The beacon detects the presence of the device via the associated app and delivers to the user’s device a message containing some relevant piece of information based on where the device (user) is and when it’s there. This is Village Vesl: without the beacons, bluetooth or batteries required to begin making IoT a reality for all.

Our service enables businesses and merchants to get into the beacon game immediately. Beacons for all businesses. Real-time relevance for all consumers.