No Direct Competition

Our licensees have the benefit of being first to market with a product that truly serves the community. The package of Village Vesl features provides value to all members of our cities and towns across the country, and it’s the hard work of local entrepreneurs who bring those benefits to communities large and small.

The concept of local is vital to what we do and, aside from unique technology, it really does separate us from potential competition. There are digital companies trying to figure out the local market, but there are two fundamental concepts that most overlook:

1. Branding
Most digital companies operate under a single brand to build market recognition and aggregate a massive user base as rapidly as possible.

2. Physical Presence
Most digital companies attempt to execute locally from a national perspective. These are larger organizations based in major cities that have considerable brand recognition and attempt to serve the local market from afar.

Our service operates at the local level, with local entrepreneurs living in the communities in which they operate a Village Vesl service. Village Vesl has no intention of building its brand. Our goal is to build brands at the local level, helping local entrepreneurs start their own businesses and establish their own identities. Success at the local level requires an understanding of the local community. It requires concern about what takes place in the community. It requires residence.

The local Village Vesl app is the community’s app, and it’s operated and branded by a community member – a local entrepreneur who licenses the Village Vesl service. Conversely, there are a variety of different companies delivering apps, websites and other digital products that don’t have a direct association with the community. Because these outside companies aren’t operated from within the community itself, they’re not necessarily invested in the community.

Quality of service can also be an issue in these cases. Most companies operating from afar are larger organizations that may not be easy to reach. Response times likely suffer. Village Vesl is right there, however, in the neighborhood and accessible with limited notice. The difference in overall quality of service is significant. The larger companies provide great products. They’re incredibly popular and are clearly serving a need. They’re simply not built to satisfy the needs of local residents and businesses.

And, of course, we’d put the Village Vesl features up against any local offering on the market today. In fact, over two years of research and an ongoing view of the market give us confidence that our licensees – and, as a result, their communities – have an only-of-its-kind product.