Basics About Flags

Vesl is a messaging service that was originally designed to allow users to leave ‘virtual’ messages for each other anywhere in the physical world. When a message is first planted for someone, the contents of the message itself remain hidden until the user (or, more specifically, her device) encounters the flag. Yes, flags are technically invisible. However, your smartphone can detect them. As you approach a flag that was planted for you, your device will let you know and reveal the message that was left. Think of flags as virtual billboards. They can display any message you’d like. You can add images and audio messages to them as well. You can plant as many flags as you’d like for however many people you’d like. And they don’t cost anything.

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Leave reminders for others about sales, deals or special offers so they can take advantage when they’re nearby. Or keep your grocery list current on a flag you leave for your significant other near the local market.

Take your rooting interest to a whole new level by leaving banter messages for fans of opposing teams as they approach the school’s field, the stadium or arena. Use the audio feature by including your team’s fight song in your flag. If you coach a school, amateur or recreational team, use Vesl to provide players and parents with directions to the field and tips on where to park. Know where your players are by planting a flag and receiving a notification when each of your players arrives at the field or arena.

Street Vendors
Maybe you’re a street artist or a merchant in an open-area marketplace and you’d like to transmit information about your work, products or goods. Use Vesl to help you get the word out to passersby.

Meetings, Conferences & Conventions
Leave a flag containing a welcome message for attendees as they arrive. Create an auto check-in by receiving an automatic notification from each attendee who trips your welcome flag. Provide details about your meeting or conference in your welcome flag, including an agenda or program, directories, guides or maps to help attendees navigate your facility. And allow your attendees to leave flags for one another as a way to set up meetings, arrange meeting places and exchange contact information.

Your flags are private. Only the people you add to a flag can trip it and access its contents. Flags planted by businesses on the other hand are public and can be accessed by users on an opt-in basis in the service’s Around Town section (below). There are so many creative ways you can use the flags feature. Here are just a few examples:

Add a little surprise sunshine to anyone’s day with an ‘I love you,’ or an ‘I hope you’re feeling better.’ These are the Vesl basics.

Welcome Messages
You can plant a flag containing a welcome message for visitors at your home, business or anywhere else you’d like to greet people. Use Vesl to let people know they’ve arrived and make them feel welcome. And you don’t have to limit your greetings to a welcome message. Give people a proper sendoff with an appropriately timed and placed goodbye message as well.

Keep everyday tasks in order by planting flags with messages like “The dogs are fed” or “Don’t forget to take the garbage out.” And not all flags have to be left for others. You can use Vesl to plant flags for yourself wherever you’d like.

Child Safety
Always be made aware when your child arrives home by leaving a flag for her at your front door. Enjoy peace of mind when your child is away from home by planting flags in those places where he’s supposed to be. Vesl can also be a useful tool for schools to monitor when students have entered or left the building.

Traffic & Weather
You can help others avoid traffic delays by leaving flags containing alerts about accidents, construction and road closures (as always, please use responsibly). And help people remain safe and sound with flags that steer them clear of adverse weather conditions.

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Travel & Destinations
During your travels leave flags for others about places to visit and things to see. Provide guided tours, travel tips or step-by-step directions. Mark the world based on your experiences.

Leave a flag near a specific restaurant informing others about a great meal you ordered so they can be alerted as they approach. Leave a personal review (good or bad), the chef’s specialty, or a picture of an entrée that you highly recommend.