Supporting Android and iPhone Devices

Village Vesl applications currently work on both iPhone and Android. iPhone requires iOS 9.3 and up. Phones running Android require version 4.2 and up. We will make reasonable efforts to support older versions of each operating system, but our primary focus will be to keep pace with the latest versions of both the Android and iOS operating systems. We have no plans at this time to support Windows phones.

Whenever new versions of the Village Vesl service are released that require updates to existing community apps, which will be somewhat regularly for feature

enhancements, bug fixes, etc., licensees and partners don’t have to do anything. We handle updates and publish all upgraded apps to the app stores at no cost. Licensees receive advance notice whenever an update will be coming. We describe for each licensee what will be included in the update.

Most mobile apps, including the family of Village Vesl apps, handle updates in the background. If the device asks the user to permit an update to the app, it is recommended that they do so in order to keep the service functioning as intended.