Consumer Data Available To SMBs

When a consumer trips a business flag, the business partner who planted the flag will have access to the consumer’s Village Vesl username, the time the consumer tripped the flag and, naturally, where the flag was tripped. The business owner can then initiate a chat conversation with that user. However, we do not share a consumer’s personal information with any other user on the service. We collect from all users some combination of name, email address and phone number, but the majority of this information is typically provided on a voluntary basis.

Businesses can access flag-related data in the management console as it relates only to their flags. We do not share data ‘across the platform;’ i.e., Business A cannot access any data that is associated with Business B – customer contacts, flag data, etc.

Of course, businesses have access to any customer data that they themselves may have uploaded into the management console. And none of this information is shared with any other member of the service – whether a residential user or a participating business.