6 websites with awesome features For designers and design people


Best for: People who are lazy to draw lines on their own.

End of the era of drawing lines, graph paper itself, because Gridzzly will handle everything as we want. Dedicated graph paper website Now there are 7 patterns to choose from: dots, squares, Point, triangle, line, double, square Triangle channel Hexagonal hole And the ladder

We can also choose the distance, frequency and the intensity of the lines. There is a ruler to measure for people who want precise. Set up as you like and print it out.

Logo Rank (by Brandmark)

Suitable for: Designers who want to develop their own logo design.

Logo Rank is a feature of Brandmark.io that is both very useful. And frightening at the same time Because its function is to comment logos (logo) that we design very hotly. Let me tell you that the system does not give a sneaky comment because it compares the logos we upload with the 1,000,000 logos on the database.

Logo Rank will evaluate all 4 topics: Uniqueness, Uniqueness, Legibility, Clarity for all platforms, e.g. when size is smaller in phone screen and work? Color / Contrast. Eye catching color and overall score of whether this logo passed or not. But if not ready, you can press the menu Random to study other logos as well.


Suitable for: People who want to play .gif files in real life.

Believe that many people have watched Disney movies And probably through the eyes of Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Stop Motion Flipbook come some (click to watch the video) Let’s say that we can make you a Flipbook like this from. That allows us to upload .gif files up and the system will separate layers into .pdf format, then just print. Cut all the papers and put them together. Flipbook is ready to play.

HTML Arrows (by Toptal)

Suitable for: web designers Or people who have to mess with the code

Really hurt that I didn’t know this site when I learned to code because the HTML Arrows feature from Toptal.com contains the code of characters, symbols or weird characters, including Unicode, Hex Code, HTML Code and HTML Entity to be used in full.

The weirdness that is, for example, ☺ (Smiling Face) that requires code to write HTML, if ever encountered a problem, press save and the web page is broken due to emoji symbols. Now I know how to fix it.

WhatTheFont! (By MyFonts)

Suitable for: People who like typography work.

WhatTheFont! An example of a clever feature from MyFont.com, the world’s foremost font site. Is very suitable For people who like to design letters Especially when meeting beautiful fonts That you want to use But don’t know what font it is Just take a picture or take a screenshot and upload WhatTheFont! Will find an answer immediately

Bonus! Another toy related to fonts is WhatFont, a Google Chrome plugins that can mouse over names and fonts on different web sites. The limit is that they must be pure fonts. Can’t point the font in the picture


Suitable for: Mockup workers who need to lay out the layout first.