5 Inspiration Websites That Great Web Designers Visit Every Day !!

5 cool websites for inspiration, beautiful designs, bookmark it and go and look a little bit each day. Ensure that your design thinking will definitely improve.
Anyone who works in design Whether it is a web designer, UX / UI Designer, or any other design, you must encounter problems. “Can’t think of work” at all The good designers have different techniques to come up with ideas.

One technique that all designers use in finding Inspiration to do design work is “looking at other people’s work”, which, in my experience, has moved from programmer to semi-designer. Learning from other jobs is really the fastest way to learn.

Lately, when there are programmers asking how they want to design. I would advise him to go see some beautiful events every day first. Because from the experience of working with designers, both Print Design and Web Design that are good, they will find inspiration like this a lot.

1. Dribbble: Best Website for UI Design

In the international designer industry Few people don’t know the Dribbble website. This website allows designers from all over the world to create their own designs. Each work is beautiful because not one can post the work on this website, but only have Invite from the designers in Dribbble.

Jobs posted to this website Most of the work is WIP (Work in Progress) is still in the process, but put it into Dribbble to show off to the world first. But there are some work that have been done Take the design and post it with the website link to have a look.

What I like most about Dribbble is that there are great designers to give away beautiful graphics for free, sometimes it’s a free icon set, free UI, free website PSD, free font, etc. If you want to see only free stuff from Dribbble. There is a collection of websites that are Freebbble and Psddd (each site name is hard to remember = =).

If anyone has a chance to Invite, this website will show you the best results If our work is good, there will definitely be foreigners to hire I read the blog of a designer at Google who said that at first he was a designer who was not popular. But when the design work in Dribbble, someone came to hire him to design and Offer to work at the major Google branch in the end.

2. Behance: an online portfolio for designers

Behance website is also a famous website in international designers. There are quite a few Thai people. This website has all kinds of design works, including Print Design, Web Design, Package Design, Branding, Typography and many more.

On Behance.net, anyone can apply for a membership and post their work. The concept of Behance website is to want it to be a free Online Portfolio for designers. If the event is beautiful, there are many people who like to like it, it will be displayed on the homepage. There will be a lot of great designers, if you like the work, anyone can follow it. When they update a new job, there will be an email to tell us.

If any work is very cool, Behance will use our work to help promote on the specific design website (which is Behance itself) such as WebDesignServed. Will include beautiful web design work from Behance or Dribbble will combine beautiful mobile app design work from Behance, you can see all this kind of website at Behance.

3.Pinterest: The Best of Inspiration for Designer

When Pinterest came out, I didn’t quite understand why it was so popular. Until I came to work with many designers, I saw the benefits that it was a very good Inspiration website. Plus, the Pinterest-style Grid display allows you to view multiple designs in bulk when using the designer iMac screens.

Good to know: Pinterest uses a Card Design display. Read more at Card Design – User Interface, a new trend that you must know!

In addition, Pinterest allows users to create their own board, there will be a board maker that collects various types of design, we can follow the favorite board. (I would like the forums, Web Design, UI Design, Branding, anything like this) When each forum updates something, it will come up on the first page immediately, very convenient.

4.Awwwards: the best of the best web design around the world

Awwwards website will include great sites from all over the world. Which each day there are many websites sending in Any website that gets the most votes will be selected as Site of the day and get a beautiful ribbon graphics to be displayed on the website. Websites that don’t win will be deleted over time. It is like a competition for websites from all over the world.

Sending a website into Awwwards’ system is not free, it has to be paid as well. But you will get a lot of people watching the web if you get a Site of the day because designers around the world keep an eye on Awwwards (or maybe get more jobs).

At one point, I go to this website every day, so I look at foreign websites and get a lot Both in terms of ideas / designs / codes, anyone who wants to submit their own website can go to see the price on the Awwwards / Submit page. The price is about 30 Euro (1300 baht) per delivery.

5. Pttrns: Including Mobile User Interface from many beautiful apps.

The Pttrns website has a lot of app designs to look at. And there are already categorized by various functions, for example, if we want to see only the design of the Login page, you can click the menu on the left.

I like the Pttrns website, where they divide it into an iPhone and an iPad as well.When you want to see only the design of the screen, you can press the filter.This website will have a slide design for you to see only, which is actually in app design. Effect, Transition, things are things that should be given priority.

I recommend another website, Capptivate, which will put together an animated app design. When we take the mouse to point any work, the work will Animate for us to see.